The objective of this session is to learn more about the different approaches of the types regarding money making and money spending and how the Enneagram influences our lives in relationship to money. What does money mean to each? What’s the point of making it, and spending it, giving it away and more? Which type would say Money is the consequence of doing things right or Money is the consequence of following your dream? Money will give you safety, or Money will give you power. Come to this session and explore new ways of relating to this fundamental medium of exchange around the human experience. A Panel with the different types sharing their views on money will be presented during this session. It will be done in an interactive and fun way!

Monica Tinoco has an International Business Bachelor’s Degree, and is the founder of Enneagram Business Coaching Mexico..Her knowledge, negotiation skills and experience in the business arena in Mexico have been a remarkable added value that has brought innovation and creative ways of Coaching successfully in a very competitive market.

Consuelo Ramirez has an International Business Bachelor’s Degree, and, has experience in logistics and brokerage services specialized for the automotive industry. Her passion has always been quality service and developing longtime relationships with people. Her becoming a business partner in Enneagram Business Coaching Mexico has been a key factor to develop sustainable business relationships and attracting new clients from the Fortune 500 list.

Monica Tinoco
Consuelo Ramirez


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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