The Holy Ideas of the Enneagram are in service to the alleviation of suffering and the recovery of our true nature through remembering our Essence qualities. The Holy Ideas remind us of who we truly are beyond our attachments and identification with the construct of the egoic mind. As we observe our attachments and defense of the ego we become aware of the ways that we suffer. We can choose to end our suffering. Suffering results from clinging to the dualistic, fixated patterns of believing that things are right/wrong, that we are loved/unloved, successful/ unsuccessful, abandoned/connected, depleted/abundant, unsafe/safe, limited/free, controlled/in control and important/ unimportant.

The Holy Ideas are Holy Perfection, Holy Will, Holy Law, Holy Origin, Holy Omniscience, Holy Faith, Holy Plan, Holy Truth and Holy Love. They are the antidotes to the egoic fixations that cause suffering.

What are the characteristics of each of these Holy Ideas? How do we increase our capacity to experience and live in these essential states? In this workshop, Ron and Deanna will explore these questions and more as they lead participants through an exploration of artistic images that elucidate each Holy Idea. Through teaching, experiential exercises and dialogue we will dive deep into the heart of being and everythingness. The session will culminate with a singing bowls meditation on the Holy Ideas.

Deanna Martin, MA, LPC, is a Certified Teacher and Trainer of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition. She is currently the Associate Director at Xavier University’s Center for Faith and Justice. Deanna is experienced in working with individuals and groups and has over twelve years experience working professionally in the areas of ministry, Ignatian spirituality and Christian Mysticism.

Ron Esposito, MA, is a certified Life Coach, Enneagram Teacher/ Trainer in the Narrative Tradition and an adjunct in the School of Conscious Living. Ron is a practicing mystic drawing upon Eastern spirituality and philosophy as well as Western New Thought metaphysical principles. He performs professionally on crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and kalimba.

Deanna Martin
Ron Esposito


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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