In this workshop, participants recall experiences from their childhoods that bother them. It may not have entered their minds to imagine their attitudes or responses as having been otherwise because habits have become so engrained since the event, and the usefulness of doing so may not have occurred to them. (This works for guilt-producing or fearful experiences, as well as where participants were mistreated.) Participants draw the incident as it happened; then they make another drawing as they would change it in hindsight, paying attention to Enneagram type. Then we talk about it in small groups. This helps reset their conscious and unconscious brains, which enables them to live in a less obstructed way. They begin to see themselves differently, for example as making stronger boundaries or being more gentle with themselves and others. Sharing these drawings and stories in the workshop re-enforces their benefit. Interestingly, Enneagram styles are often readily seen in the drawings. This is my favorite workshop to present. No aptitude for art is necessary.

Elizabeth Wagele has given presentations and musical programs on the Enneagram at IEA conferences and elsewhere. She’s known for her accessible books on the Enneagram and introversion, which she illustrates with her cartoons, and her blogs on Psychology Today and WordPress. She also writes about the MBTITM system. Elizabeth lives in Berkeley with her husband, Gus.

Elizabeth Wagele


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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