The interaction, used in some of the EPTP trainings, is a valuable development instrument to help people improve their understanding of themselves and their important relationships. It involves the person verbally interacting with a representative of the same Type as the person with whom they would like to improve their relationship.

Since sometimes a person is either unable to articulate an issue important to them or unwilling to in front of a group, I have developed a wordless alternative to the interaction that blends elements from Tai Chi, psychodrama and brief therapy. The person who would like to understand the dynamic of a relationship important to them (with either a person or an organization) — and, in many cases, achieve clarity on the next step — carries out the exercise with someone of the same Enneagram Type as the person with whom they are in the relationship.

In cases where someone is in conflict with themselves or has an ethical dilemma, the partner in the exercise would be someone of their own Type.

As it is based on a wordless partner exercise, it is possible for many pairs to work in parallel, which opens up interesting dynamics for the facilitator of an Enneagram group or workshop.

In this session you will have an opportunity to experience this exercise for yourself.

CJ Fitzsimons, born in Ireland (1961), is a leadership sculptor living in Germany and working internationally. He has coauthored a book on international project management in German, focusing on intercultural differences and the role the Enneagram plays in this. He is a qualified Enneagram (AETNT/GfE, 2002) and Tai Chi (2003) teacher.

CJ Fitzsimons


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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