So we know our type, we know what are the issues we should work on, now what?

This session introduces a Transformational Model which presents a structured coaching process which helps you to get free of your Type’s fixation and get in touch with your authentic self.

We will practice how to distinguish “Who is taking now” — the Ego or the authentic self? And learn how to conduct a direct dialog between the two.

Usually our Ego speaks loud and our soul whispers softly, waiting eagerly to be heard. We will expose the way the Ego (our type) lies to us, provides inaccurate information or turning on false alarms.You’ll get a chance to learn a unique approach to using the Enneagram by actually disarming the Ego and hearing your authentic voice.

This session will include a guided process, practicing in pairs, and demonstration of a coaching dialogue.

This workshop is recommended for anyone who is interested in using the Enneagram for getting free of the Ego’s hold and especially recommended for coaches, therapists and consultants.

Osnat Yadgar is the founder of the Israeli Enneagram Center which has become the home of a lively Enneagram community in Israel. She is an enthusiastic Enneagram researcher and developed a unique method for personal transformation using the Enneagram. She leads public workshops, conducts personal coaching and developed a certification program for coaches and therapists. She works with top-team organizations in Israel and Europe, and coaches executives and team leaders.

Osnat Yadgar


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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