At times clients find it difficult to express completely business issues clearly in words. One form of visualization, the constellation, helps the client to express their internal picture of the issue transverbally. Such approaches have been used for decades in family therapy settings. Over the past ten to fifteen years they have found (in slightly modified form) growing acceptance as a way to solve problems in professional contexts.

I have been developing approaches based on the work of Moreno, Varga von Kibed and Sparrer, and Schulz von Thun that combine insights from the Enneagram with different constellation forms to resolve coaching and other business topics with surprising effectiveness. Typical applications include: how to develop an organizational strategy, a vision for a team, how to ensure our core driver doesn’t sabotage us, and how to resolve ethical and values-based dilemmas.

In this workshop, after a brief overview of the approaches, we will explore how to combine different constellation forms with the Enneagram to answer concrete questions from session participants.

CJ Fitzsimons, born in Ireland (1961), is a leadership sculptor living in Germany and working internationally. He has co-authored a book on international project management in German, focusing on intercultural differences and the role the Enneagram plays in this. He is a qualified Enneagram teacher (AETNT/GfE, 2002).

CJ Fitzsimons


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA

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