One of the great challenges facing organizations is getting all employees, from the CEO to the hourly workers, to realize that to become the best, they have to embrace diversity. Diversity is about empowering people, making an organization effective by capitalizing on the strengths of each employee. Working with the Enneagram you will learn how to build trust, encourage efficiency and develop a safe environment, a necessary ingredient for teams to work well in challenging moments.

Using the focus of the Enneagram, a Human Resources Department can assist employees to trust themselves and the organization and therefore become more faithful employees. Further, focus on employee efforts and on accomplishing goals, bringing diversity into the forefront of the organization will attract efficient people into the organizational ranks. This in turn creates stronger leadership and the likelihood of employees assuming more responsibility. Responsibility can create faithfulness which leads to a strong organizational brand. Dr. Delbar Niroushak is a clinical psychologist and is a certified Enneagram Trainer in the Narrative Tradition. She is the IEA Representative and the Founder of the Enneagram in Iran. She does HRD with Enneagram and also Business Coaching and Group Coaching for Top Managers in Organizations.

Delbar Niroushak


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA

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