The Enneagram is another way of looking at, talking about, and seeing through what is in Zen practice called “egocentric karmic conditioning”–the illusion of a separate self. The Enneagram, like Zen awareness practice, can help us disidentify from the conditioned perspectives, beliefs, and assumptions that are so much the way we experience ourselves that they are simply our “reality.” They are “who I am.” The words I choose, the things that are important to me, how I see relationships, all paint a picture of the world I inhabit seen through the lens of my Ennea-type. From the perspective of awareness practice, that identification with “me” may be the biggest stumbling block in my path. In this Keynote address, Cheri will offer us the opportunity to step back and take a look at this “me” who thinks she or he is a solid, real just-the-way-I-am sort of entity and in that stepping back we see that we are not that illusion of a separate self but rather the conscious, compassionate awareness that is all. Cheri Huber has been a student and teacher of Zen for over 30 years. She is the author of 20 books, the newest being What You Practice Is What You Have, the sequel to her widely-read There Is Nothing Wrong With You. Other titles include The Depression Book, The Fear Book, and When You’re Falling, Dive. In 1983, Cheri founded the Mountain View Zen Center, and in 1987 she founded the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Calaveras County. She and the monks at the Monastery conduct workshops and retreats at these centers, and other places around the U.S., and internationally. In 1997, Cheri founded Living Compassion, a nonprofit organization dedicated to peace and service. She also has a weekly, Internet-based call-in radio show, Open Air.

Cheri Huber


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA

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