Building off of the 2012 IEA Annual Conference’s session on “The Enneagram as Universal OD Translator,” this session will take a deeper dive into the areas of strategic planning, decision-making and project management. Participants in this session will gain a clear understanding of the strategic planning process by navigating through the Enneagram model and learn how the strengths of the Enneagram can be used at each step to maximize the outcomes of strategic planning. We will review current strategic planning models and frameworks and determine similarities, overlaps, and gaps with the Enneagram. We will then select a business idea from the class participants and map it out using the Enneagram as a model of strategic planning. Leveraging this newly-proposed framework, we will determine how it can then be applied to effect more robust decision-making and more complete project management in organizations and daily life and develop action plans to integrate the new model into these realms.

R. Karl Hebenstreit holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, MS in Human Resource Management from the Rutgers Graduate School of Management and Labor Relations, and BA in Psychology, French, and Political Science from Rutgers College. Karl received his executive coaching training through Fielding Graduate University, focusing on the International Coach Federation’s core competencies and an evidence-based approach.

R. Karl Hebenstreit


2013 IEA Global Conference

Denver, Colorado, USA

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