Part of each human being’s path and struggle is the need to overcome obstacles so we can move our work and life forward with deliberate action. If we are growing and expanding, it’s likely that where we place attention, and the actions we’re taking, are increasingly aligned with our virtues, and that which is more essential. What practices, systems and tools can best support us in taking action on what matters most? How can building self-awareness using the Enneagram impact our productivity in the world? In this session we will share our synthesis between the psycho-spiritual aspects of the Enneagram and the concrete, real-world aspects of getting powerful work done in the world. The session will include interactive exercises. Have your calendars, lists, and selfmanagement systems in hand. Explore new strategies, practices and/or tools you or your clients can benefit from the most. Key topics: 1) How does our type and instinctual stack impact our ability to take meaningful action in the world? 2) What are the particular productivity-related pitfalls, blind-spots, and paths of growth for each type? 3) What specific practices can be most fruitful for each type in becoming more truly productive?

Michael Dolan is a Certified Integral Coach who has coached hundreds of executives focused on improving productivity and deepening leadership competencies. He developed his expertise in personal and organizational productivity as a Senior Coach for David Allen, widely considered to be the productivity guru of this era.

Jack Butler is a social entrepreneur, workshop leader, speaker, and founder of Full Spectrum Development, an executive coaching and seminar company. He coaches and advises conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and high-impact individuals. He works extensively with the Enneagram, self-awareness practices, personal productivity systems and integral frameworks.

Michael Dolan
Jack Butler


2013 IEA Global Conference

Denver, Colorado, USA

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