Today’s parents face a multitude of challenges unlike previous generations. In this world of increased on-line connectivity we are becoming even more disconnected from those relationships that are important to us. Knowing your Enneagram Type will help you understand how your personality influences your parenting style; why you react the way you do, understand where others are coming from and create a deeper connection within the whole family. The most current personality and parenting book published this year “Mastering Your Parenting Potential…using the Enneagram to bring out the best of your parenting personality” will put the focus on you, the parent, in a deeper way. It provides understanding of the different personalities within your family and how they impact relationships. In this interactive and dynamic session you’ll explore the nine types greatest parenting strengths and challenges and how to apply different strategies to maximize your positive traits, minimize your negative traits and allow your child to flourish into their best self. The nine types will be unpacked to discover the causes of stress as a parent and what enhances well-being to enable you to build a deeper connection and have mutually loving and respectful relationships with all your family members.

Tracy Tresidder
Margaret Loftus
Jacqui Pollock


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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