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High Functioning Families; The Foundation for the Future. Using the Enneagram to Enhance Parenting Skills and Build Leaders for Tomorrow

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  In an increasingly changing and agile world, with growing multiculturalism, it is important that parents raise children with high emotional, social and cultural intelligence. It is crucial to future-proof our children against getting stuck in habits of thinking, feeling and behaving when a more [...]

The Nine Keys to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

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Parenting is a multi-faceted endeavor and families are complex systems. Using work that is underpinned by Riso and Hudson's Nine Domains Jacqui, Margaret & Tracy will expand the nine universal principals that must be present and operating with the individual and the family for each [...]

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters

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The Nine Keys to Parenting ‚ÄstTracy Tresidder,¬†Margaret Loftus, and¬†Jacqui Pollock¬† Parenting is a multi-faceted job, and we believe there are nine fundamental components to supporting your child to become their best selves. Join three Australian Parent Coaches at the IEA Conference in San Francisco explore [...]

Parenting From the Inside Out – Using the Enneagram to Bring Out the Best of Your Parenting Personality

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Today's parents face a multitude of challenges unlike previous generations. In this world of increased on-line connectivity we are becoming even more disconnected from those relationships that are important to us. Knowing your Enneagram Type will help you understand how your personality influences your parenting [...]