This session is focused on the ancient Diagram of Harmony, a 9-pointed star composed of 3 equilateral triangles. Unlike the more familiar cognitive/emotional model of vice and virtue, the Harmony Triads assign Head, Heart and Body-based intelligence to each personality type. This configuration offers guidance for developing Three-centered Intelligence rather than advising types to move to their point of security while avoiding their point of stress. Please expect teaching and inner practice that:

Brings your own Harmonic Triad alive within yourself. Provides psychological/spiritual method to develop Three-centered Intelligence. Demonstrates the relationship between Harmonic Triads and the Process Enneagram that we know today. Opens the question of ascending and descending levels of consciousness.

Note: There are three different presentations during this conference that each address a key aspect of our voluntary role in the evolution of consciousness: (1) The Enneagram of Harmony which maps Three-centered Intelligence for each of the types (Helen Palmer); (2) The importance of somatic work to be able to access and relax our highly conditioned cognitive-emotional patterns at their roots (Marion Gilbert); (3) A perspective on integrating spirituality, psychology and somatics that includes the question of spiritual bypass (Terry Saracino).

Helen Palmer


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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