Our type is a combination of habitual patterns that protect the vulnerable, playful, spontaneous, creative core of who we were truly meant to be! In type, we cannot connect to others in ways `that matter.’ We are protected, guarded, and not truly present. Yet many of us hunger for interactions that truly `matter’! Sometimes we `click’ with another person. We are fully present, authentic and engaged. We may feel deeply seen, heard and understood. We might even feel `naked’ in the openness and truthfulness that passes between us. Transformation is more likely when we truly face ourselves, and build support from the other to witness our new path.

In this session, we will explore how to create an authentic connection ie patterns we adopt that enrich, not impoverish, our conversations. We will identify patterns that create intimacy and transformation, and those that defend, destroy, and push people away. Awareness gained from the session can be applied:

in therapeutic and consulting interviews

with our friends and families

and in casual interactions.

Meaningful relationships are a consolidation of all our interactions. `Conversations that matter’ can transform us and our relationships!

Hilary Langford
Lesley McPherson


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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