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Conversations that Matter: Exploring Patterns that Limit Connection and Transformation

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Our type is a combination of habitual patterns that protect the vulnerable, playful, spontaneous, creative core of who we were truly meant to be! In type, we cannot connect to others in ways `that matter.' We are protected, guarded, and not truly present. Yet many [...]

Type as a Gateway to Ensure Victorious Transformation – Using the Enneagram to Map and Guide Successful Life Transitions

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Life has its `victories' and also its major challenges. No one misses out! And victorious transformations are rarely `accidental'. Prior personal growth can enhance successful transition. But how prepared are we for the inevitable dramatic life changes? With an understanding of the 9 domains the [...]

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters

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Type as a¬†‚Äėgateway‚Äô to ensure victorious transformations ‚ÄstUsing the Enneagram to map and guide successful transitions¬† Life brings victories and major challenges. No one misses out! Victorious transformations are rarely accidental. ¬†How prepared are we to face our inevitable dramatic life changes? In this session, [...]