The vice to virtue conversion is a spiritual practice that joins two different levels of consciousness. The level of our brain’s conditioned neuropathways that automatically repeat. And a “pure” level of consciousness that notes inner patterns as they arise. This workshop is focused on a recent convergence between spiritual practice methodology and evidence based MRI research.

The science of brain imaging demonstrates that we can shift our state of mind. That we can internalize and learn to notice subtle cues of emotional distress before they trigger projections. Projection simply means that inner reactivity is attributed to an outer cause. “You are making me feel this way. And you should change so that I can feel better!” This single concept has enormous potential for transforming vice to Virtue – It tells us that we can regulate the passions of our heart. It tells us that vice can be transformed to Virtue.

Please expect:

Inner practice focused on the vice to virtue conversion. Short Didactics on links between psychology, neuroscience and the mystical premise of direct spiritual experience. Greetings from Saint John of the Cross who perfected the Apophatic method of prayer, also known as Buddhist Mindfulness


Helen Palmer


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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