The Enneagram as a map of human consciousness unites exquisitely with the transformative power of Mindfulness practice. Mindfulness helps us to meet things as they are rather than simply through the projection of our type’s perspective. As a threecentered practice, it helps us to:

witness the thoughts related to the type pattern;

discern our emotional experience; and

clarify and untangle the emotional experience into its sensory components. Clarifying the components of our inner experiences allows us to loosen the type structure and be more receptive to the Ground of Being.

In this session, we will practice and explore three skills essential to Mindfulness – concentration, sensory clarity and equanimity (Shinzen Young).

Concentration allows us to focus and remain with what is arising in our inner experience in the present moment.

Sensory clarity allows us to untangle thought from feeling from sensation, pulling apart the various components of reactivity, making them more manageable.

Equanimity allows us to bring a gentle “matter-of-factness” to our somatic experience.

Whether you are an Enneagram teacher or enthusiast, this session will provide you with tools to transform your relationship to your type structure. The session will include didactic, guided inner practice, dyads and panel interviewing.

Renee Rosario


2017 IEA Global Conference

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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