Instinct is the most basic organization of awareness in an organism. More than mere survival strategies, instincts are the platform for our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. However, the Personality becomes identified with these drives, confusing the survival of our organism with the survival of the ego, providing one of the primary ways we lose presence. With that in mind, how do we understand the instinctual drives? How do we use leverage them for our inner work and development of presence?

This presentation offers a new look at the Instinctual Drives, with an emphasis on usefulness in Inner Work. Each Instinct is a biological drive to meet three basic needs. Identifying these needs helps us to not only understand what the Instinctual Drives really are and what fears motivate them, but also offers a toolbox for understanding associations, self-images, and vulnerabilities associated with these needs. Together, we will explore presence with Instinct and Sensation, to better see how these drives are foundational to presence.

John Luckovich


2017 IEA Global Conference

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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