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Contact with the Animal Body as Foundation for Awakening

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  Transformation begins with knowing ourselves as consciousness occupying an animal body. Historically, spiritual traditions have often portrayed our spiritual nature and our material nature as at odds with one another, with the body objectified as a distraction from spiritual pursuits. This disconnection between the [...]

Instinctual Excitement, Passion, and Intensity

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The Instinctual Drives are pathways by which life force moves through us to express deep somatic wisdom. When these motivational drives are attending to a real instinctual need — whether for physical well-being, sexual contact, or belonging — we feel more alive, more vital. We [...]

The Instinctual Drives and Inner Work

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Instinct is the most basic organization of awareness in an organism. More than mere survival strategies, instincts are the platform for our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. However, the Personality becomes identified with these drives, confusing the survival of our organism with the survival of [...]