The Enneagram for Children. A series of books designed to introduce the Enneagram Types to young children.

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My children have benefited enormously from the Enneagram teachings. As a result, I wanted other children to be able to enjoy the same opportunity. Finding nothing available, I felt inspired to use both my writing and artistic skills to create a series of Enneagram books [...]

Lecture: What’s Sufism Got To Do With It?: Enneagram from the Perspective of Sufi Practice

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In the Enneagram literature there have been efforts made to situate the Enneagram within a spiritual framework whether Christian, Sufi, or the esoteric tradition. This workshop aims to provide a model for understanding overall human esoteric anatomy, and what that means in situating the Enneagram within [...]

Intra-Religious Dialogue: Through the Enneagram Narrative Tradition

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Religion is the path we follow in order to reach the purpose of life. The theme for the upcoming International Enneagram Conference in 2019 is “Foundations for the Future.” I propose that one such foundation will be built by our willingness to dialogue with one [...]

IEA Great Lakes Chapter September Midday Café with Special guest Chris Heuertz, Jan Shegda and Liz Jackson

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This month on the IEA Great Lakes Midday Café we hosted an amazing discussion on "Christianity's Conflicted Relationship with the Enneagram."  Those on the panel included Chris Heuertz, Liz Jackson, Jan Shedga and the host, IEA Great Lakes President, Clare Loughrige. CLICK HERE to go to [...]

Instinctual Excitement, Passion, and Intensity

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The Instinctual Drives are pathways by which life force moves through us to express deep somatic wisdom. When these motivational drives are attending to a real instinctual need — whether for physical well-being, sexual contact, or belonging — we feel more alive, more vital. We [...]


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Consciousness is the act of awakening to the present moment, being fully alive, aware and observant of any automated ways of being. At this time in the evolution of humanity, we are standing at the edge of a precipice, with the potential for shocks that can [...]

Living Mindfully

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Understanding the 5 Mindfulness Training's & Practices of Thich Nhat Hanh The Buddha spoke of “Four Noble Truths” •    First Noble Truth: suffering exists •    Second Noble Truth: suffering has causes •    Third Noble Truth: happiness is possible •    Fourth Noble Truth: there is a [...]