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Are there countertypes in Naranjo’s Love Types?

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The Enneagram Love Triads At the 2017 Enneagram Global Summit lectures, Jessica Dibb was chatting to the late Claudio Naranjo in a talk entitled “The Enneagram and Multiplicity.” Naranjo described how we can divide the nine basic Enneagram Types into three triads that reflect these [...]

Love Triangles—How we approach relationships and sex based on the Hornevian triads.

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Sex – it can carry us on wings of pure sensual pleasure, or crush and humiliate us. It can take us from the sacred sublime to the darkest, most depraved aspects of humanity. Sex presents paradox: pleasure/pain, love/hate, gentleness/brutality, spiritual transcendence/primal urge, unconditional giving/self-gratification, playful fun/serious [...]

The Enneagram for Children. A series of books designed to introduce the Enneagram Types to young children.

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My children have benefited enormously from the Enneagram teachings. As a result, I wanted other children to be able to enjoy the same opportunity. Finding nothing available, I felt inspired to use both my writing and artistic skills to create a series of Enneagram books [...]