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MN-IEA News!

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 Hello MN-IEA Members and Friends! We’re excited for our new program year starting on September 25th! We are focusing this year’s programs on how the Enneagram helps us in day to day life - the practicalities - what difference does knowing the Enneagram make in [...]

Lecture: What’s Sufism Got To Do With It?: Enneagram from the Perspective of Sufi Practice

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In the Enneagram literature there have been efforts made to situate the Enneagram within a spiritual framework whether Christian, Sufi, or the esoteric tradition. This workshop aims to provide a model for understanding overall human esoteric anatomy, and what that means in situating the Enneagram within [...]

Mario Sikora – IEA Colorado April 12-13, 2019

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Mario Sikora-Working with the Instinctual Biases and Subtypes: A Practical and Modern Approach Workshop Details:  Join Mario Sikora for a fresh, innovative, and science-friendly perspective on the three instinctual domains and how they combine with the nine Ennea-type strategies to create 27 distinct "subtypes." This [...]

IEA Great Lakes Chapter September Midday Café with Special guest Chris Heuertz, Jan Shegda and Liz Jackson

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This month on the IEA Great Lakes Midday Café we hosted an amazing discussion on "Christianity's Conflicted Relationship with the Enneagram."  Those on the panel included Chris Heuertz, Liz Jackson, Jan Shedga and the host, IEA Great Lakes President, Clare Loughrige. CLICK HERE to go to [...]

July 2018 IEA GAAC Meeting

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The IEA General Assembly of Affiliates and Chapters (GAAC) meets before every annual IEA Global Conference. It includes US chapters and country affiliates from all over the world. To make the meeting more accessible this year, participants could also attend virtually through Zoom. This is [...]

MN-IEA Celebrates 20 Years

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In May, the Minnesota Chapter of the IEA (MN-IEA) celebrated its 20th anniversary.  Over 65 members attended our celebratory gathering!  The afternoon began with a choice of experiential breakout workshops -- Board member Kathleen Grittner facilitated a session on “Connecting with your Higher Self Through Imagery” and current [...]