Mario Sikora-Working with the Instinctual Biases and Subtypes: A Practical and Modern Approach

Workshop Details:  Join Mario Sikora for a fresh, innovative, and science-friendly perspective on the three instinctual domains and how they combine with the nine Ennea-type strategies to create 27 distinct “subtypes.” This highly interactive workshop will give you the tools necessary to grow in your personal and professional life and move to a healthier, more mature level of functioning.

Biography: Mario Sikora brings unique insight and perspective to Enneagram study, based on two decades of experience with clients worldwide. His innovations in theory and application of the Enneagram are rooted in both pragmatism and a solid grounding in science, philosophy, and various wisdom traditions. In addition to being a former president of the International Enneagram Association, Mario is an executive coach to leaders in numerous multinational organizations and a trainer of coaches, consultants, and human resource and organizational-development professionals. He is also co-author of the book “Awareness to Action: The Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, and Change” and author of many articles on personality styles and leadership, performance improvement, and team building.

April 12 – 13, 2019

Friday-9AM-5PM, Sat- 9AM-4PM

Early Bird Registration Deadline:

Jan 5th- Jan 19th

Members:  $175

Non-Members:  $225

After Early Bird:

Members:  $225

Non-Members:  $275