The Enneagram contains many profound distinctions about what it is to be uniquely human both under pressure and inside of grace. However, for many the path to sustainable transformation proves difficult. Knowing you need to be more empathetic or collaborative or objective or flexible is very different from being able to reliably show up with these qualities.

Participants will explore the ENNEAGRAM NEXT LEVEL approach, which weaves principles from: Robert Kegan’s and Lisa Lahey’s “Immunity to Change” that illuminates and provides a way of working with competing

commitments that interfere with growth goals.

James Flaherty’s “10 Ways” model and “Integral Development Coaching” methodology for cultivating competencies in a sensitive and appropriately-sequenced fashion.

Pamela Weiss’s “Human Journey” approach to understanding the deeper spiritual and personal transformation paths.

Richard Strozzi’s “Somatic Leadership” practices, which build a body and nervous system that transitions from willful actions to more thoroughly embodied capacities

This is the first time this material is being presented at an IEA Conference. The presentation will be highly interactive and the ENNEAGRAM NEXT LEVEL framework supports integrating deep Enneagram wisdom with a practice-based and inherently integral approach to “going up the levels” and building new personal qualities.

Flemming Christensen


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA