Organizational culture is a collection of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that serve as an implicitly agreed-upon way of solving problems within the organization. It is rooted in systems of values; biases toward achieving a sense of stability or satisfaction that are often so deeply embedded in us or the company that we may not even be aware of them. Changing organizational culture can only be accomplished when those values are made explicit and change is implemented in a way that allows people to satisfy their implicit behavior while changing their behavior.

The three Instinctual Biases (Preserving, Navigating, and Transmitting) are implicit systems of values that can cause resistance to change. This program will describe how the instinctual biases cause resistance to change at individual, team, and organizational levels and how an understanding of them can help to remove that resistance. It will explore how a team or company can take on an “instinctual culture” that can create organizational blind spots and make some team members feel alienated and excluded.

Calling on their vast experience of working with this model in organizations around the world in this highly interactive program, Mario and Maria Jose will share their tools and tactics for helping clients use this understanding to create change in their organization.


Mario Sikora
Maria Jose Munita


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA


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