The Enneagram, as we know it today, is all about personhood. We use it to dissect personality, explain our psychodynamics and try to celebrate diversity.

One of the IEA Founders will tell his Enneagram “story”. As one of the early individuals to learn the “psychological model” of the Enneagram, developed and taught by Claudio Naranjo, MD, he studied a revolutionary system to explain human behavior. A year of graduate study formed the basis for workshops, notebooks and the first-published textbook on the theory. Decades of workshops and international travel created a scientific database. Collaboration reinforced the diversity and creativity. The theory evolved and found new niches.

During this session you will share the exciting events in the early development and dispersal of the Enneagram theory of personality. We’ll look at the original thinkers and authors, share the birth pangs of a movement and our IEA. The session will compare and contrast the various approaches to the theory. Participants will discuss the merits of some of the approaches … with an eye to future trends.

The Enneagram delights and confounds its students. It’s challenging and frustrating. By taking this journey through its five decades of development, participants will gain a richer appreciation for its true value.

This session is more memoir than history. It’s a living story of people, personality and promise.

Patrick O’Leary


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA

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