What is “somatic” work, how does it relate to the Enneagram, and why is this important? In this keynote address, you’ll hear how somatic work has evolved in the Enneagram field, how it can bring your teaching and other uses of the Enneagram alive in a new and vibrant way, and how it can be a key to fast, easy and lasting transformation. You’ll hear about the pioneers in combining these two disciplines and how somatic work is exploding in the transformational arena. Not just a “sit down lecture,” you will have a “somatic experience” of the Enneagram in your body.

Andrea Isaacs is one of the pioneers bringing somatic work to the Enneagram. After creating EnneaMotion (using movement to embody the Enneagram) in 1994, she learned that this body-based approach is about much more than the Enneagram. Her science background informed her about the neural pathways and how this work changes the brain and increases emotional intelligence (EQ). “EQ with Body Wisdom,” became a doorway for using the body to shift your inner state — old disempowering patterns that no longer serve you, to new empowering patterns that support living life as your “best and highest self.” She was co-founding editor-publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and faculty for the Enneagram Institute Professional training program since 1994. She has taught, coached and spoken on stages in 25 countries.


Andrea Isaacs


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA


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