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The Life Transforming Body Wisdom TOOLS of Interplay

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  Play. Reflect. Gain Tools. Grow. Glow. If you are up for a little adventure, your tried and true guide, Cynthia Winton-Henry, cofounder of the 30-year-old global InterPlay practice, will happily unfold a time of personal enrichment and more. Your body, mind, heart, and spirit [...]

Three Realms, Four Perspectives: How the Dynamics of Instincts/Subtypes Deepen Our Understanding of Enneagram Type

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While a map is not the territory it is nevertheless very useful for finding our way. In this panel four "mapmakers" with very different perspectives will share their models of the three fundamental instincts and how they impact expression of traits and tendencies within the [...]

Spiritual Bypassing: Does the Enneagram Help or Hinder?

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The subtitle of Robert Augustus Masters's book, Spiritual Bypassing, sums up nicely what this panel brings to us: "When spirituality disconnects us from what really matters. Learning to recognize and transform the obstacles that keep us from living life fully." What happens when we add [...]

Speaking of Addiction and Recovery: Compelling Conversations with a Panel of Experts in the Enneagram, Addiction and Recovery

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The world of addiction and recovery is fraught with beliefs and assumptions. It brings up deeply tender emotions and there can be confusion and reactivity that tests our courage and shapes who we are. How do we have conversations in the midst of this? What [...]