Superheroes, Jedi Knights, Harry Potter and Catniss Everdeen entertain and excite millions by vanquishing foes and saving their fictional versions of the world. If we navigate past the surface level of their stories, these characters can also serve as guides to a truer and deeper adventure – into ourselves and our shadows, helping us develop our own flavour of heroism.

TJ Dawe is a prolific writer, performer and pop culture glutton. In this talk he takes his lifelong fascination with mythology as it appears in religion, popular stories, and in the patterns of our lives, linking it to what the Enneagram helps us understand about the world.

With a simple tweak of perception, we can see ourselves as the everyday people we are, and as larger than life mythic beings. The world needs the best of us, and it’s time to step up and fly.

TJ Dawe is a Vancouver based writer, director and stage performer. He spends a good portion of the year touring to theatres and festivals across the continent. In addition to leading workshops about the Enneagram, he teaches people how to harness their creativity, and how to turn their stories and ideas into monologues. He’s written and performed fifteen autobiographical solo shows, exploring the mythology of his own life. He’s been portrayed on screen by Daniel Radcliffe. He’s cocreated stage versions of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things.

TJ Dawe


2018 IEA Global Conference

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA