The subtitle of Robert Augustus Masters’s book, Spiritual Bypassing, sums up nicely what this panel brings to us: “When spirituality disconnects us from what really matters. Learning to recognize and transform the obstacles that keep us from living life fully.” What happens when we add the Enneagram to the mix? Does the Enneagram help by offering clues to the path, giving us perspective, a map? Or conversely does the Enneagram lull us into complacency, providing a crutch and excuses as we believe we are ego-less, enlightened beings?

Coming from different faith traditions, different Enneagram schools and diverse career paths, our five panelists will share their views and experiences with Spiritual Bypassing. CJ Fitzsimons will use an innovative and inviting conversation format to lead the panelists and attendees on a grand exploration of this topic, while he also draws attendees into the conversation. Each panelist brings impressive professional credentials and extensive Enneagram knowledge and most importantly a willingness to wrestle with this fascinating topic.

Join in this transformative conversation with Susie Herrick, Juan Antonio Martinez, and Terry Saracino.

*This session will be video-recorded for viewing on the new IEA website.

CJ Fitzsimons
Susie Herrick
Juan Antonio Martinez
Terry Saracino


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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