In this session, we will explore ways to bring the Enneagram into the arena of social justice and community advocacy through community service and collaborative action.

The Enneagram illuminates our capacity for insight into self and others. As we continue to study the Enneagram some may have the experience of questions that arise from within, “to what purpose am I continuing on this journey?” or “How does the Enneagram help me to bring my authentic self into alignment with healing my own wounds and to relieve the suffering of others?

We are living in times that call for our inner strength and authentic voices to emerge. This may be the call to action that answers several questions.

Is it probable that you can learn to be more aware of what you don’t know so that you “Do no harm”? Yes Can you find the inner strength, guidance and wisdom to re-enter a place where you have not felt welcome? Definitely Are there ways that your Enneagram type can help or hinder your intended contribution to heal societal impasses? Certainly Is it possible to knock on doors and to have what you offer be received without harm across differences? Absolutely

Deborah Threadgill Egerton


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA

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