We all know the Enneagram could radically change the world. But how do we spread the word? How do we create an epidemic making the Enneagram ‘contagious’? How do we make our message so powerful it can spur people to change?

Small, particular changes, carefully conceived and adeptly enacted, by the right people, can make huge positive consequences in the world. What if we could create a “‘Tipping Point’ …that magic moment when an idea “crosses a threshold, tips and spreads like wildfire” (Gladwell, 2013). There is clear evidence that small ideas can change the world. And we have at our disposal a huge idea, a powerful knowledge tool to increase understanding between people from all walks of life.

Therefore, it is critical we are thoughtful and strategic in how the Enneagram is introduced, taught and delivered. We have to learn to package/structure our Enneagram ‘message’ to have the maximum possible impact. This session will be educative, creative, interactive, and intends to inspire action. It will include:

The facilitator’s experience of taking the Enneagram into numerous contexts, modifying delivery according to context, working

with resistance, circumventing bias and encouraging change.

Group and dyad work sharing our Enneagram contexts, how we introduce the Enneagram, the barriers and bias encountered, and

collating what’s worked well.

Research that outlines how we might create a Tipping Point to have the Enneagram go viral. Brainstorm what we can do to

deliberately start an Enneagram world.

Tracy Baker-Lawrence


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA

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