We are all Recovering from something ; a broken relationship, overspending, or even dysfunctional family dynamics; we are all hooked on our patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Most of us think of Recovery within the context of alcohol or drug abuse, and while this is true, the reality is we are all recovering from something and seeking to become our highest and best self.

The Twelve Step Process of Recovery is a life long practice that guides through a conscious path of descent and helps us clear up the wreckage of our past. Each Step advocates an action to be taken focused on the practice of self-remembering, self-examination or self-observation. In this workshop, we will focus on the Fourth Step, which calls for us to make a Personal Inventory to reveal how our survival instincts — our “Self-Will run riot” create havoc in our life..

Through the lens of interpersonal relationships, you will be guided to create and then work through your own Personal Inventory. Recognizing and coming to terms with the primitive power of our Instinctual patterns, we will explore and set personal commitments for simple behavioral changes to shift our level of consciousness and enhance our relationships.

Anne Geary


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA

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