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Patterns of Processing: Linking the Brain, the Mind, and Interpersonal Relationships in the Development of Personality

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In this keynote address Dr. Siegel will introduce the field of interpersonal neurobiology, an approach to understanding how the brain and relationships help shape the mind. Using the lens of interpersonal neurobiology, he will then share his insights about how attachment patterns, temperament, and the [...]

Attachment Theory and the Enneagram: An Exploration of the Power and Congruence of the Two Systems in Healthy Parenting and Relationships

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How do we develop healthy and secure attachments between parents and children? How do we create lasting bonds between all of us, regardless of age? What do the two perspectives of the Enneagram and Attachment Theory have to offer us in our parenting and on [...]

Medicine and Healing: Development of the Self, Emotional Relationships, and the Brain

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[NO RECORDING] This session will offer an overview of an "interpersonal neurobiology" of the developing mind and how it emerges from the transaction of neurophysiological and interpersonal processes. This perspective enables a wide range of practitioners the opportunity to draw on a synthesis of over [...]