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Breaking Down Barriers to Collaboration – Our Inner Critic as One of Those Barriers

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Judging ourselves and judging others is a powerful and destructive barrier to real and genuine collaboration. We all have an inner critic operating in clandestine ways to keep us locked in patterns of personality that prevent us from truly opening beyond our limited perspectives. In [...]

Type and Social Structures: A Collaborative Exploration of Race Through Three Narratives

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The Enneagram community stands at the apex of global transformation. We are uniquely situated to contribute to the healthy, harmonious integration of diverse ways of being in the global village. Invited guest Peter LeDuff joins Lynda Roberts and Dr RaShon in a collaborative engagement in [...]

Meet The Board

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What is your name? Lynda Roberts Where were you born? Atlanta, Georgia (USA) Where do you live? Decatur, Georgia (USA) What do you do? My work continues to evolve in the direction of teaching and facilitating Enneagram-related workshops and trainings, although I continue to do [...]