Enneagram Igloos 

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The French writer André Malraux once asked an old priest what he had learned about human nature after having spent a lifetime hearing people’s confessions. The priest replied: “Fundamentally, there are no grown-ups.” While this is a bleak view of humanity there is some truth [...]


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Our Enneagram Type is around 50% nature, and 50% nurture. Our genetic heritage is like a seed, and it evolves in permanent interaction with thousands of macro and micro experiences, that surround us from the womb onwards. Our environment, education, culture, they all determine to [...]

Sitting on the Wall

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We, the authors of Nine Sapiens, have long sat on the wall that divides the world of the Enneagram and that of scientific research, without deciding to jump to either side. We are licensed psychologists, with postgraduate degrees in mental health and organizational behavior, linked [...]

Falling into the Looking Glass: The Perils and Pitfalls of Teaching the Enneagram to Younger People

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The majority of students and clients in my Enneagram workshops, presentations, study groups and counseling sessions are between thirty-five and fifty years of age—right in the middle of the chronological Bell Curve. However, more and more precocious young people under the age of thirty, often [...]