Where did all these people come from and why didn’t I know about them?  That was the question I was asking as a first-time attendee at the International Enneagram Conference I was in awe of the depth of knowledge and Enneagram wisdom that was in the room! I listened to keynotes and workshops that were filled with enthusiasm and insight into the Enneagram and the way it can transform lives and bring people to wholeness.  I resonated so strongly with each story and felt a passion rising in me that said: “we need this message told in the marketplace.”

So many of the conversations that I had were with people transitioning from therapy or the corporate space to become Enneagram Coaches and Teachers and Presenters in the marketplace. But, the question was always how do I get the word out?  How do I market my services?  How do I use social media and technology to spread the message of the Enneagram?  The more I listened the more I knew that this was how I could help spread the word about this amazing work. This was why I was to attend this conference for the first time. The Enneagram was the tool that brought me through some of the most difficult times in my life and continues to live in me every day and I am passionate about people having the opportunity to experience and learn the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a foundational piece of the work that I do as a Productivity and Marketing Coach, Consultant and Speaker. I use the Enneagram every day in my business to help other entrepreneurs, creators and leaders build their businesses through marketing and time management to bring their best REALWORK to the marketplace.

Social Media strategies and technology can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be! As Enneagram Practitioners, Coaches and Trainers we have services and skills that the world needs we just need to get the word out!

Here is some basic information on the social media platforms.

A variety of social media platforms exist, but some fit your clients more than others. Deciding who you want to serve is the first step.  Do you want to work as a coach for families, couples or millennials? Do you desire to work in the corporate or non-profit space with your services? Once you decide that you can begin to research where your audience hangs out in social media. There is no need to be on LinkedIn if you are marketing your Enneagram services to couples for marriage therapy but to join a few Facebook Groups where couples hang out and begin to comment on them and become the “expert” is a great way to market for FREE.

After you decide where your clients are on social media choose one or at most two platforms to concentrate on for 90 days by posting articles, blogs and comments and engaging on that platform. Then evaluate the engagement you have been receiving.


Pixelkult / Pixabay

Read through the list of Social Media Platforms below on how to engage on these platforms and for more details of each.

Facebook offers the opportunity for business owners to customize, upload pictures, and post videos to highlight products/offerings. Feedback is regular through “likes” and comments are encouraged. Messenger allows for personal online connections. You can also create a FREE Facebook Page for your Business. All Enneagram Types engage on Facebook differently but all are drawn to this platform.

YouTube has an exponentially growing platform that provides the opportunity to captivate your clients with videos.  As a business owner, the possibilities are endless for advertising, providing “how to” tips, and more. YouTube allows clients to subscribe and follow as content releases.  If you are a forward moving type and aren’t afraid of video this is one of the fastest ways to build a following for your business as the know, like and trust factor builds quickly over video content.

Instagram is visually focused and offers the opportunity to tell stories. Consistent posts with thematic hashtags can help to connect products and create ongoing stories.  If your target client is under 35 you will need to create a presence on this platform through the use of visuals.

Twitter is a limited character-based platform to post brief thoughts or descriptions. Most users or business owners post their updates with photos and/or links to a product or a certain topic with the intention of directing readers to their website.  Posting short updates on Twitter can be useful to keep on contact with your followers but if your business is new you always want to send them back to your website.

LinkedIn is a valuable platform for those seeking employment or business owners looking to expand their team. In addition, it can be used to introduce products, tell stories and connect with others through building one’s profile. If you are marketing to the corporate space you need to have a strong presence on this platform and engage with it.  If you are working with clients one to one it is still good business practice to have a page on this platform as FREE marketing but not as necessary to engage as often.

These are the top platforms on social media that you can begin to look at to start building a social media presence and the answer is YES you need a presence on social media the key is a focused strategy on one or two platforms.  For more information on how to market your Enneagram Business online contact me at teresa@teresamccloy.com