One-On-One Relationships at Work: Why They Matter, And How To Get Them

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Strong One-On-One Relationships Make for Happier Workplaces. Here's How to Bust Through the Awkwardness and Make it Happen. MARY MAZZONI, RACHEL ZURER AND CATHERINE BELL How productive employees are and how long they stay at a company is directly determined by their relationship with their immediate supervisors. But people [...]

8 Ways for Women to be More Successful Entrepreneurs

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Business Mogul Catherine Bell Wants to Help Other Women Entrepreneurs Avoid Repeating Her Mistakes. MARY MAZZONI, RACHEL ZURER AND CATHERINE BELL The world needs more women entrepreneurs, says Catherine Bell, founder of the Awakened Company, a management consultancy in Calgary, Canada. But women face a unique set of challenges as new [...]

How to motivate your people using the Enneagram and Susan Fowler’s model of motivation

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How to create an environment that motivates your people – The Enneagram & Susan Fowler’s model of motivation One of the first things people ask us when we do leadership trainings for LeadershipSculptor is “How do I motivate my people”. And our response is always [...]

The Enneagram and Leadership Circle Profile: Connections and Complements

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The Enneagram and Leadership Circle Profile: Connections and ComplementsPeople have a variety of resources available to them when they decide to undertake their self-development journeys.  Myriad assessments exist to help us become more self-aware, the first step in building up emotional intelligence (EQ).  As with [...]

The Conscious Process: Feedback

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Communication loops are necessary to provide feedback within an organization between individuals, involving a critical assessment of an individual's behavior or performance, both verbal and nonverbal. Feedback is clear, concise, direct, objective, and an unemotional information that is provided to enhance the individual, team or [...]

Working With the Instinctual Biases–Skill and Self-Management

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When it comes to working with your instinctual biases, there are two things to focus on: Learning to manage our reactions to them rather than being managed by them, and Becoming more skillful at the activities related to the three instinctual domains. One might be tempted [...]

Don’t Let Your Instinctual Bias Sink Your Business

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The three instinctual biases–Preserving, Navigating, and Transmitting–that shape our focus of attention and reaction to basic biological needs also shape the kinds of organizations we create and how we act in them. In fact, most large organizations (without realizing it) are organized to meet these [...]

Innovative Leadership

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My colleague Maureen Metcalf hosts a radio show on Voice of America in which she interviews people on topics related to innovative leadership.   Since we collaborated in leadership consulting for a number of years, and since the Enneagram was included as the foundation for [...]


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Utbrändhet, utmattningssymptom, utmattningsdepression..ja, det har många namn och är idag vår största folksjukdom. Först och främst vill vi säga att roten till problemen ligger i ett alltför stressigt och prestationsinriktat arbetsliv. Många företag och organisationer har slimmat så att vi helt enkelt är för få [...]