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One-On-One Relationships at Work: Why They Matter, And How To Get Them

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Strong One-On-One Relationships Make for Happier Workplaces. Here's How to Bust Through the Awkwardness and Make it Happen. MARY MAZZONI, RACHEL ZURER AND CATHERINE BELL How productive employees are and how long they stay at a company is directly determined by their relationship with their immediate supervisors. But people [...]

8 Ways for Women to be More Successful Entrepreneurs

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Business Mogul Catherine Bell Wants to Help Other Women Entrepreneurs Avoid Repeating Her Mistakes. MARY MAZZONI, RACHEL ZURER AND CATHERINE BELL The world needs more women entrepreneurs, says Catherine Bell, founder of the Awakened Company, a management consultancy in Calgary, Canada. But women face a unique set of challenges as new [...]

From the Riverbend to the Rockies: Your Journey in Taking your Enneagram Knowledge Forth into the Business World.

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[NO RECORDING] This session will be a positive sensory assault on people wanting to create a business using the Enneagram. It will provide participants with information on initiating a business in the Enneagram and debunking myths. It will walk through BluEra's experience of working with [...]