Dear Enneagram Friends,
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said,“A great nation is a compassionate nation.” As kids say to parents on a long trip, “Are we there yet?” I would answer, we’re on the way, make the most of the ride. The Latin root of the word, compassion, is pati, which means “to suffer.” The prefix , com-, means “with.” Simply put, we must know our neighbor’s pain today and learn to suffer with our neighbor. We will not be a great and compassionate nation unless we see our neighbor, and ask our neighbor, “what’s it like to be you right now?” Then we must listen, really listen and bear one another’s burden.
It is to our peril when we say, “just get over it.” It is simplistic to ask people to “just be kind.” Our self-focused mentality, while our nation’s divide is more significant than ever, is heartbreaking. I/we must enter the suffering of others to become the great, compassionate nation we dream of. The Enneagram can help. We’ve invited Danielle Fanfair back to Midday Cafe on November 18th to talk to us about her work and workshop, Diversity, Inclusion, and the Enneagram.
Here is what Danielle told me about how we will spend our time together-
I have seen, in my practice of teaching The Enneagram, what Don Riso and Russ Hudson write in the Wisdom of The Enneagram manifest: “A new level of community and compassion emerges that obliterates old ignorance and fear.” What I have witnessed is the powerful transformation that happens after we, with the help of the Enneagram, begin to observe, accept, and even welcome all the parts of our self. 
The next natural thing that happens is that we turn to those around us and the compassion we allow ourselves brims over into those relationships. This happens again and again, and we look up and find that we have connected with other humans on a deeply human level. We now have an appreciation for both what uniquely distinguishes us and a knowing of what unites us, all for the purpose of living and loving freely. 
My work includes exploring the abundant benefits of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion using The Enneagram as an approach that emancipates us all.  
I hope you will join us and continue the Enneagram work in your own soul for the sake of our great and compassionate nation. And yes, Dr. King, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”
IEA Great Lakes President