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To see the images in better quality, we recommend to click on this link to read it. “THE ILLUSION OF TIME”  By Cris Bolívar (April’21) “Listen to the silence of the Being… Listen to its calmness… Listen to the soul” In this article we will be focusing on the illusion of time, our illusory view of it and how to [...]

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IEA Great Lakes Region November Ennea-News

Dear Enneagram Friends, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said,"A great nation is a compassionate nation." As kids say to parents on a long trip, "Are we there yet?" I would answer, we're on the way, make the most of the ride. The Latin root of the word, compassion, is pati, which means "to suffer." The prefix , com-, means "with." Simply put, [...]

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