“To be happy, an alchemic journey from the ego to the essential being”

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“To be happy, an alchemic journey from the ego to the essential being” The author. Cris Bolívar.   To love the Being is to love its Vulnerability.   We all want to be happy, and not only sometimes but always. ¿What holds us back?... ¿the [...]


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To see the images in better quality, we recommend to click on this link to read it. “THE ILLUSION OF TIME”  By Cris Bolívar (April’21) “Listen to the silence of the Being… Listen to its calmness… Listen to the soul” In this article we will be [...]

Pay it Forward Workshops: A New and Old Philosophy and Practice

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“You don’t pay love back, you pay it forward.” --Lily Hardy Hammond Most books and articles about the Enneagram have to do with theory, applications, and history. Few are about how teachers design and conduct presentations and workshops, and thus disseminate the received and developed [...]

Enneagram Studies, Spiritual Initiation and the Science of the Antahkarana

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 I’d like to be remembered as the fella who taught you something you already knew. --Woody Guthrie It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards! --The White Queen The soul on its own level is an initiate. --D. K.       This short article is [...]

Psychological and Spiritual Bypassing in Enneagram Theory and Practice

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Men build too many walls and not enough bridges. --Dominique Pire, Nobel Peace Prize Winner (1958) Thesis    If the Enneagram is first and foremost a diagram and system for psychological healing, growth and integration, then the primary concern is to understand and avoid what [...]

The Enneagram as a Symbol of Transformation

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This article originally appeared on greaterlight.ca.transform (v.)mid-14c., "change the form of" (transitive), from Old French transformer (14c.), from Latin transformare "change in shape, metamorphose," from trans- "across" + formare "to form".https://www.etymonline.com/word/transform Accessed August 26, 2018To transform is to "go across" the forms – to take [...]

Clarifying Passions: An Enneagram Fractal of Hunger, Ache, and Restlessness

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For everyone who has done any in-depth work with their Enneagram type, it is probably obvious that the language used to describe the Enneagram of Passions has always seemed inadequate and sometimes downright clumsy. The rendering of the Passions is at the heart of the [...]

Mapping the Awakening Process: An Archetypal Journey

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Symbols open our mind to new, introspective perspectives. According to Carl Jung, symbols are key to the comprehension of human experience. Myths, dreams images, and various kinds of art all might be considered meaningful expressions of the Archetypes. To say it briefly, the Archetypes are active, [...]