In response to the changes we have all been experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the leadership team of Inscapes Centre for Enneagram Studies in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has recorded a video to guide us in our processing of this and other experiences in our lives. A statement that accompanies their video reads, in part,

Even though restrictions have eased somewhat, there are still many unanswered questions and so we are in the dark. Invited to sit in the tension of what we know and what is unknown, we have been waiting to hear the movement of life, to guide our actions.

One thing we have heard clearly is the need for us all to be processing our feelings around the changes in our lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this at heart, we have created a short video to share with you on this process, guided by the wisdom of the enneagram.

Click here to read the full statement and find out about Inscapes’ upcoming online courses and study groups. Inscapes has given permission to share this video freely.

I studied the Enneagram at Inscapes and continue to be grateful for the help and teaching I have received there. I have also written an article about the Law of Seven as a tool for processing your reactions, which you can read here.