While planning and preparing for a workshop I offered in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte Spirituality Center I was prompted from within to write these enneagram affirmations.  My desire was to offer these affirmations at the beginning of our time together to make an affirming statement for all the participants, for all types, and to help create an affirming space.  I have since used them in other groups and have gotten much positive feedback.  I offer them for your use.  Please use them for yourself or for your clients/groups.  I ask that you credit me as author.

Glad to be sharing the journey.   Carol

Affirmations …. 

I affirm that this group and this space, everyone here, including me,  is good…everything—as it is –is just right for me, just right for all of us, right now. 

I affirm that this is a caring group.  I can be honest about what I need.  All of us, in our diversity, including me, have all that we need right now—we are all cared for. 

I affirm that I belong here—I am valued here because I am me—being authentic will be my true contribution to our time together. 

I affirm that nothing is missing and nothing is lacking in me—although we are very different, we are the same–everyone here has eyes of the heart to see me, to see each other, with love and acceptance.

 I affirm that I already know everything I need to know to participate in this group. I have much knowledge and wisdom and I am ready to share. 

I affirm that this is a safe place; I trust that I am safe; that we are all safe. I have the courage to relax into what we are doing.   

I affirm that this is where I am meant to be right now—there is no other time, no other place…just right here, right now.  I am free to enjoy this time together. 

I affirm that it is okay not to be in charge here—it is okay to relax, open my heart and allow my ability to be compassionate to arise. 

I affirm that my presence matters—my thoughts, feelings and actions—my full participation is welcomed in this group—I am a respected and valued member of this group. 

These affirmations are true.  They are true about me and they are true about you.  Even though I do not experience the freeing energy of them all the time.  I know they are true.  They are true about me and they are true about you. …… It is so.