The sacred nature and dynamics of being privy to the inner life of another human being calls for a certain level of knowledge and skill in creating a safe space and trust.  When we teach, coach, consult, explore enneagram type with our clients, with their consent, we step into that vulnerable space.

I’m writing this note because I had an experience in an enneagram workshop that opened up places of vulnerability within me and many who attended.  Yes, indeed, as happens naturally at an enneagram workshop/event.   Even if we are attending the event for certification to teach, coach, or counsel I presume that all attending are engaged in personal type work.  The facilitator at this event dismissed what participants shared, several times, to “move on” with the teaching.

At the end of the workshop there were a handful of people who shared with the facilitator in the group that they felt dismissed, not seen, not heard.  The workshop was ending, yet some felt exposed, needing something more before saying goodbye.  Time teaching had not been balanced with time processing.  Teaching balanced well with practices equips participants to work with what has been awakened within.

I don’t think it is too much of an exaggeration to say that stepping into the enneagram is mind blowing, heart breaking, and gut wrenching when the one opening to it sees the truth and freedom that it offers.  Including practices that allow for processing during your events is a gift to those who attend. We give each person a guided experience of the practices in a safe environment and the tools to support the transformative work beyond the event.

Glad to be sharing the journey, Carol