Abstract: Cognitive theory is one of the dominant paradigms in psychology and psychotherapy these days. Its concepts about adaptive and maladaptive schemas resonate with the Enneagram’s notion of higher and lower intellectual centers with their divine ideas and fixations. This study explored the relationship between 11 maladaptive schemas, or lifetraps, and the 9 Enneagram styles. One-hundred-twenty-five participants in the author’s Enneagram Training and Certification Program were administered the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS) and the Lifetraps Questionnaire (Young’s inventory). Correlation coefficients were determined for all the variables and small but statistically significant relationships were found in the direction that corroborated both cognitive and Enneagram theory. The interrelationships are presented and discussed with the intention of improving our techniques for noticing and addressing particular schemas corresponding to particular Enneagram types.


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