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2008 IEA Enneagram Journal

A Call to Apply the Principles of the Enneagram in Organizations to Attract, Retain, and Motivate Employees

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Abstract: Organizations, as a whole, have traditionally faced serious challenges and have incurred tremendous costs in recruiting, motivating, and retaining employees. The retention literature outlines seven major themes of factors that contribute to employees staying with a company. Motivation theory has also been applied to [...]

Understanding the Development of Personality Type: Integrating Object Relations Theory and the Enneagram System

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The Enneagram system describes the nine different sets of patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that get in the way of the creative and free-flowing expression of a person's real, creative self. These nine archetypes fit together with existing threefold theories of psychological development. The [...]

The Enneagram of Evagrius of Pontus

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Abstract: The origins of the Enneagram are a constant point of fascination and discussion. Uncovering the source of this remarkable oracle provides for both a deeper personal understanding and the means by which to interpret the enneagram system with legitimate authority. In the last few [...]