Each of the Enneagram styles is a story that we tell ourselves and others. More than a simple list of personality characteristics, these stories (Gr. mythos) illuminate the core questions with which each type must wrestle. They take us to a more profound, eloquent, intuitive knowledge of and feel for each type.

The stories, by their nature, focus on the dynamic qualities of the types. They clarify the underlying polarities which create and sustain the fixation, and they describe the potential paths of development for each.

We will tell, engage and apply the myths of each type from a variety of cultures. Principal among these is the astonishing journey of the Greek hero Odysseus, who meets each of the Enneagram types in precise numerical order. If you are a student of the Enneagram or if you train, coach or consult, these teaching stories provide rich fuel for working with others and with self. For each type, this workshop focuses on developing incisive, provocative questions and shaping soulful, often unexpected areas of inquiry for Enneagram work. No prior mythological knowledge or reading required. For Information on Michael Goldberg, see p. 13. Kathryn Grant received her Enneagram certification from Jerome Wagner, PhD., at Loyola in Chicago in 1997. She teaches workshops at a variety of levels, leads retreats and study groups and uses the Enneagram in Spiritual Direction and Life Coaching. A natural storyteller, Kathryn employs a synthesis from many disciplines to bring the Enneagram alive with her students.

Michael Goldberg
Kathryn Grant


2009 IEA Global Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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