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“Las Lineas Son Los Pilares Basicos Del Eneagrama, No Los Puntos”

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Entrevista por Skype con Michael Goldberg por Viviana Trucco Entrevista Viviana Trucco: ‚ÄúMe sent√≠ muy honrada cuando recib√≠ un mensaje de Michael Goldberg ofreciendo¬† una entrevista por ¬†Skype ¬†a ra√≠z¬† de un art√≠culo que hab√≠amos discutido en nuestra reuni√≥n mensual ‚ÄúConversando con el Eneagrama‚ÄĚ.¬† La [...]

The Lines Are the Basic Building Blocks of the Enneagram, Not the Points

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Skype interview with Michael Goldberg¬†by Viviana Trucco Interview -Viviana¬†Trucco¬† ‚ÄúI felt very honored when I received a message from Michael Goldberg offering a Skype call on account of an article we had discussed in our monthly meeting ‚ÄúConversando with the Enneagram‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†Michael‚Äôs pen is priceless. His [...]

The Enneagram as Myth: Archetypal Stories to Loosen the Grip of Type and Open the Heart

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Each of the Enneagram styles is a story that we tell ourselves and others. More than a simple list of personality characteristics, these stories (Gr. mythos) illuminate the core questions with which each type must wrestle. They take us to a more profound, eloquent, intuitive [...]

Travels with Odysseus: Uncommon Wisdom From Homer’s Odyssey

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In his enduring bestselling books He, She, and We, Jungian analyst Robert Johnson took various myths as jumping-off points to explore modern masculinity, femininity, and relationships. Enneagram author Michael Goldberg takes a similar approach in Travels with Odysseus: Uncommon Wisdom from Homer's Odyssey, offering an [...]

Unconventional Consulting: Paradigm-busting Tips and Tricks for Consulting with the Enneagram to Organizations and People

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[NO RECORDING] Far more compelling and consequential than the nine types, the Enneagram is a system which describes and prescribes personal and organizational change. The Enneagram is most profoundly a paradigm buster: it suggests counterintuitive paths of inquiry, paradoxical interventions and serendipitous outcomes. Here we [...]

Knowing the Enneagram Archetypes as Told through The Odyssey

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[NO RECORDING] On his famous journey home from the long war, the Greek hero Odysseus encounters each of the nine Enneagram types in their number order. How can this be? The Enneagram is rooted in the soul's journey, which is the spellbinding tale told in [...]

Spiraling Out Into Greater Global Consciousness: Where Are We Now And Where Are We Going? Business

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A Series of Expert Panels Examining the "State of the Art" of Enneagram-related Work in the World Today The theme of this year's IEA conference is "Spiraling out into Greater Consciousness." Spiral Dynamics offers a model through which we can understand the spiraling levels of [...]