In Homer’s Odyssey, a source of the Enneagram, Odysseus meets each of the 9 enneagram types in their exact numerical order. The types are clear to those who know the Enneagram. These mythic teaching stories expand and deepen our understanding of the ennea-types. If you are a teacher of the Enneagram, these are wonderful stories to have in your storehouse.

In this informal and interactive session, Michael Goldberg re-tells the famous chronicles of The Odyssey through an Enneagram lens, and discusses how Odysseus’adventures can be used as a useful guidebook to working with the Enneagram types.

Michael Goldberg, an attorney and management consultant, wrote the bestselling The 9 Ways of Working, about the Enneagram in business. Michael works with Enneagram clients large and small including the CIA, Motorola, Philips Electronics, Farmers Insurance and Wells Fargo. He has been featured in an hourlong interview on the Fox News Channel, on CNN, the BBC, and on network broadcasts in Australia and South Africa. He has been on the faculty of graduate schools of management and law, and currently teaches at the Professional School of Psychology. A longtime mediator, he has mediated hundred of disputes, including large scale community controversies. He has taught at Esalen Institute and at the U.S. government’s Western Management Development Center for senior executives. His new book is Travels with Odysseus: Uncommon Wisdom from Homer’s Odyssey.

Although he teaches principally in business, Michael’s theoretical approach to the Enneagram is mythic, alchemical and archetypal. He believes the types are deep stories we tell each other and ourselves that point to our true nature. He considers that, while the details of type hold interest, of overriding importance is the Enneagram as a whole: that each of the types constantly creates the others, and that the pulls between the types are a natural source of balance, awareness and compassion for others and self.

Website: www.9WaysofWorking.com

Michael Goldberg


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA